Dr. Marie Bentsanov MD

Dr. Marie Bentsanov, MD

Dr. Bentsianov currently serves at New York Community Hospital as Medical Board President, a role she held since 2011.
She is also a member of the American Collage of Physicians, American Society of Nephrology.
Additionally, Dr. Bentsianov has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Golden Kay Honor Society and SUNY Downstate Alumni Association.


What is Nephrology?

Nephrology is a branch of internal medicine dealing with the study of the function and diseases of the kidney. A nephrologist is a specialist ….

Internal Medicine

What is Internal Medicine?

General Internal Medicine provides preventative and primary care services. Internal Medicine physicians are specially trained to diagnose ….

Healthy Aging

Obesity Among U.S Adults Continue to Rise

The proportion of U.S. adults who are obese increased to 26.1 percent in 2008 compared to 25.6 percent in 2007. The data come from CDC’s….


Keys to Healthy Aging.

What is longevity without health? Adults today are looking not only to extend their lives, but to enjoy their extra years….

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